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Offshore Software Development India, a venerated Indian-based software solutions provider, has thoroughly comprehended all modern specialized needs of digital media with almost each upcoming online movement through our consistent efforts in services provided to our clients both domestically & throughout the globe. A long distance of possibly all major demographical territories – such as United Kingdome, USA, Australia and Europe – has been greatly advantaged by our reliable IT Solutions with an ease & efficiency. We have a well-qualified, highly-experienced team of experts based on our classy & flexible infrastructural environment, who are all set to cater to online solutions of every sort.





PHP Scripting Language is the most functional and customized website solution for web applications used by numbers of commercial websites & ecommerce platforms along with its general usage as a programming language.


The .Net is a comprehensive framework that supports the runtime execution of applications both for desktop and web programming platforms on windows. Its broad class library comprises the powerful and unfailing codes;


A pioneering and feature-rich mobile presentation; the iOS, an operating system, creates both native and web applications for iPhone and iPad with programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Apple Inc. manages functionalities of iPhone and iPad.


ZEND is the most advanced framework ever hosted by the Zend Technology. Its simplicity and openness is its actual charm. It is an open-source, object-oriented software solution. Together with PHP features, a wiser & smarter web application development is uncompromised.


SharePoint presents a platform for enterprises, employees and people to share their thoughts and conceptions in an effort to encourage more unified ways of working together. On this platform, people can share and manage their documents, emails and share social happenings seeking out more links with their associates.


The Android Platform/Operating System develops all native, web and hybrid applications based on Java programming language. Android has been designed with Linux Kernel. Its main targeted digital devices are touchscreen smartphones and tablets.

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Your Ecommerce Website is surely a pure involvement of your objectives in addition to your role in product management and brand promotions. Everything you have over there needs to be designed, developed and executed in an efficient & timely manner. Your goal should stay focused with the complete services you provide or the products you sell to your online customers. The more precisely & flawlessly you present your website, the more favorably you could succeed in depicting your online image and fulfilling the organizational sale.

What is Magento

Everything beyond your imagination starts right from Magento. MAGENTO, in its entirety, is an adaptable, efficient and persuasive ecommerce platform, fostered with years of its fruitful online contribution and matured with its extensive practice by a majority of web merchants all over the world. With its unprecedented flexibility and features, it has been persisted as the most trustable solution for most websites and ecommerce stores to date.


What we Provide……

  • Magento Customization and Configuration
  • Customized Magento Extension Development
  • Customized Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Ecommerce Cart Module Solutions
  • Categorization/Menu Structure Setup
  • Magento Speed Optimization (Site Performance)


A Content Management System is a software program that permits development, editing and modification of website content/data together with a routine site maintenance without having people to have much knowledge about web programming languages or technical tools; enabling them to go through a smooth site upkeep with an ease and efficiency. At an initial stage, CMS Websites methodically require web developers and system administrators to develop and set up a website thoroughly, facilitating non-technical web owners/web users to have their sale management through CMS at their convenience.


A superb typographical creation for customary online writing; greatly built considering the user’s understanding & web ethics – WORDPRESS, a web software, is a specific content management system (CMS), has seen a tremendous popularity amongst millions who are involved in personal-to-commercial blogging facilities and website production both in the terms of informative tools and ecommerce applications.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term intended for implementing various promotional strategies deployed on many types of digital platforms simply in order to meet the targeted market groups as per different brands/services/products opted to be sold. Devices including computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions and other mass media have adapted a digital way of relevant marketing and they are at their great functionalities with distinct technologies, which include ecommerce websites, email communications, mobile/tablet applications etc. In digital marketing, the customers are exposed to an advertising platform either by surfing through various online contents on their own or by just being directly published by the promoters with their consent or without it.